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About Us

Leading dry goods supplier and key distributor of Swiss Bear & Tropic Choice brand in Singapore

From our suppliers
To our partners,

Every team member at S Marco plays an integral role in our success.

Our Team

Despite being a young team, S Marco has managed to build extensive knowledge on the needs of local food establishments.

We welcome you to touch on our expertise!

We can readily provide you recommendations and valuable insights tailored to your business.

Our successful partnership is not only attributed to our quality of work; it is down to attitude.

Our people treat all our partners with respect and continuously work towards establishing a harmonious and effective partnership.


We know that convenience is unrivalled.

By stocking all the products that you need eventually, you can rely on us to deliver your food service products at any time when you need them.

Excellent service

We listen to our customers because we know that every businesses faces its own unique challenges.

With a clear understanding, we will provide solutions that addresses your specific needs.


We pride ourselves on bringing the best quality.

Our team sources and curates the finest products from well-established brands that comply with our stringent standards.

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